How to stimulate the G-spot in men

Where is the G point in men? In every man, at a distance of 4-5 cm from the opening of the anus, the prostate is perfectly felt or, as the ancient Greeks poetically called it, the second heart of a man. It is in this place that the entire arousal process starts. The prostate is a very sensitive organ that is responsible for orgasm. And sexologists argue that the direct impact on her, as well as on the female G-spot, leads a man to a vivid orgasm. The prostate gland can be stimulated in two different ways.

location of the g-spot in men

Internal prostate massage

After finding a hard, rounded bump the size of a chestnut or walnut in your partner, try gently massaging it. Listen to the man's reactions, show sensitivity and attention. Do not press hard. Keep the amplitude small. If you see that the man does not feel very pleasant, add more lubricant. If he moans with pleasure, then you are moving in the right direction.

In most cases, stimulation is immediately followed by an erection. However, the first time it may not appear right away. Either wait for an erection, or encourage it to appear. Try to caress your partner's penis and prostate at the same time. A lot of pleasure is guaranteed to him. You can act on the penis with your free hand or, with sufficient flexibility, give a blowjob.

If the prostate has increased in size and hardened, know that orgasm is approaching. During orgasm, wave-like convulsions are felt in her, which are accompanied by the ejection of sperm. Wipe your hands or take off your glove and lie down next to your loved one.

If you both like prostate massage, this magical G-spot for men, experiment next time with special sex toys, the range of which is simply amazing in its variety. If necessary, you can also use special medical devices.

External prostate stimulation

If your partner is not happy with the idea of an internal prostate massage, do not be discouraged - there is a way out. Slide your finger along his crotch from the scrotum to the back. Stay close to the anus. Massage this area with gentle circular motions using light pressure.

It is advisable to combine external prostate massage with a blowjob or stroking the testicles. For the first time, start with a blow job. In this case, the man simply cannot stop you when you start the main action.

The approach of orgasm with external massage can be seen by the appearance of pulsation under the fingers. Exposure to the prostate produces a vivid orgasm with increased sperm pressure. Let the man cum and stop for a few seconds. Then continue stimulating.

Massaging the prostate after orgasm reduces the refractory phase. And if traditionally the recovery time is 40-60 minutes, then in this case, an erection can appear almost immediately. Your man will be able to start intercourse again and repeat it 2-3 times in a row. An unprecedented multi-orgasm is guaranteed to him!

Do not hesitate, your partner will appreciate your efforts!