Top 5: products to increase potency

The work of the body is an endless chain of chemical reactions. And our nutrition can be both a catalyst and an inhibitor. Sexual activity is no exception. We will tell you about the benefits for male power of familiar products and those that you did not suspect edible.

a woman and a man who increased potency with products

Main products for potency with instant effect

Camel stomachs

This is the # 1 product for enhancing toughness. It has been known for hundreds of years - the eastern nomads actively used rennet. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to get.

Positive effect on the male body

A stomach dried according to a special recipe needs 1 gram to get a super effect. Taken immediately before intercourse, it acts instantly.

Alcohol tincture is popular. For preparation, take 100 g of a pre-dried stomach and pour half a liter of vodka. It is infused for 2 weeks in cool, dark rooms.

camel and his stomach to increase potency


Product number 2. Refers to aphrodisiacs. The positive effect of eating shellfish is explained by the high content of zinc and rare amino acids in them. Affect the production of testosterone, semen. In addition, dopamine is present in oysters, which significantly increases libido.

The highest concentration of active substances in molluscs occurs in the spring period, which coincides with the phase of their reproduction.

They are eaten raw, since as a result of heat treatment, most of the nutrients are lost. To improve the taste, sprinkle with lemon juice.

oysters to increase potency

However, experts do not recommend getting carried away with eating them. Oysters contain mercury. Along with this, they carry pathogenic bacteria that cause serious illness. The easiest and most harmless is gastroenteritis. You should not risk your health by eating oysters for liver diseases or damaged skin. Contraindications:

  • deficiency of immunity;
  • diabetes;
  • low stomach acidity;
  • taking corticosteroids, antacids.

An interesting and pleasant procedure - taking a hot bath, one third full of oysters. Only 5 sessions of such therapy, and you can forget about impotence.


It tastes good and is very healthy. The content of vitamins, trace elements (including zinc) and amino acids in it is much higher than in other fish species. Rich in highly digestible protein.

flounder to increase potency

The concentration of nutrients has a good effect not only on male potency, but also on health in general.

The greatest beneficial effect can be achieved only when boiling, stewing or steaming.

The dietary characteristics of flounder make it suitable for everyday use. An exception is a possible allergy.

Boiled mackerel

The fatty acids contained in fish contribute to the production of testosterone, which affects the sexual activity of men. Regular use of mackerel will significantly increase potency, increase the quality of semen. Phosphorus is responsible for the formation of sperm, which is in mackerel in considerable doses. Iodine has a stimulating effect on sex drive, and an easily digestible protein contributes to the growth of sperm count.

mackerel to increase potency


It was not in vain that our ancestors gave her the main place on the table. But then there were at least a dozen children in families.

The root vegetable contains a huge amount of trace elements, vitamins that stimulate sexual function.

Consuming the seeds promotes testosterone production. Boiled turnips are good in combination with meat dishes.

A popular recipe for a medicinal mixture: the product is grated, mixed with an equal amount of carrots, and poured with a teaspoon of honey. It is taken in ⅓ glass daily, three times a day. The improvement will be noticeable rather quickly.

You should refrain from eating turnips with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous diseases, hepatitis and cholecystitis.

Eat and healthier: what else is useful for potency

Many foods contribute to "persistence", some are on our table every day. You just need to be able to use them correctly, and then you definitely won't have to use drugs, harming your health.

meat with tomatoes for potency

We bring to your attention a list of available products that can increase male libido:


It is possible that vegetarians will be surprised, but this is a strong natural aphrodisiac. In addition to supplying the body with energy, it promotes the synthesis of thyroxine, which is responsible for the quality of the excitability of the nerve centers. Red meat is considered more useful: horse meat, beef, lamb. However, dietary species, such as rabbit or turkey, should not be disdained. Frog legs also have a positive effect.

The effect of eating lamb or bovine eggs has long been noticed - such dishes cost a lot of money in restaurants. In the east, they sincerely believe in the benefit of doggy, flavored with turtle blood and vegetable oil. To preserve nutrients, meat should be boiled or steamed.

Shish kebab is, of course, quite tasty, but with such processing, almost all useful substances are lost. A measure is needed in everything, because an excess will lead to the opposite effect. For better digestibility, it should be combined with herbs and vegetables, but the most popular duet with potatoes harms the body.

meat products for potency

A fish

Light and healthy protein food. Experts advise to eat it at least 2 times a week. Cooking method - boiling and steaming. Sea species are more useful than river ones, and caviar has the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients.


Rich in trace elements and proteins. Pine, walnut kernels, almonds and peanuts, pumpkin seeds contain arginine, an amino acid that increases libido.

They should be eaten raw, and the mixture or combination with honey or sour cream enhances the effect.

The most useful are cedar. Eaten raw or lightly fried.

In second place is nutmeg. For the treatment of sexual impotence, you should eat it every day, but in small quantities. Abuse leads to widespread poisoning, sometimes fatal.

Also useful for persistent erection:

  • vegetables, especially celery;
  • chocolate. It is most preferable to use dark varieties, drinks based on it are welcome. But do not get carried away with this sweetness;
  • bird eggs. In principle, any, but quail are considered the best. But the use of eggs from chickens, geese and other birds helps to improve sexual functions.
celery to increase potency

Take care of yourself, eat right and in moderation, exercise more - these are the components of sexual health!